Bernhard Wessling

Dr. Bernhard Wessling

Wissenschaftler, Unternehmer, Naturforscher und -schützer, Sachbuchautor /
scientist, entrepreneuer, naturalist, conservationist, popular science book author

populärwissenschaftliches Buch über die Ursachen des Zufalls, die Entropie und das Wesen der Zeit

Jetzt auch als Taschenbuch

A narrative popular science book about my crane research using a new bioacoustic method – with extremely surprising results about the cranes‘ dynamic relationships, intelligence, self-conscience, migration culture and more.
– research in the wild in Europe, Asia and North America

The research went deep into chemistry and physics of conductive polymers, Organic Metals, dispersion, colloidal science, non-.equilibrium thermodynamics and turbulence.

Resulting from the fundamental research, products emerged which were successfully taken into the market. 

A new project is under way  with Ormecon (India)

The development of a new bioacoustic method has allowed to perform behavioural research on 4 crane species in the wild, in Europe, Asia and North America. In addition, it was an important contribution to the reintroduction of a new wild population of the most endangered crane species, the Whooping Crane.

Consequently, based on a comprehensive nature and biodiversity protection concept, Dr. Wessling invested significantly in a biodynamic farm and developed it to a very significant producer of sustainably grown food.

Bernhard Wessling