Bernhard Wessling

What a Coincidence!
On Unpredictability, Complexity and the Nature of Time

How do chance and coincidence enter our world? And why are so many things unpredictable?
Through an accessible, exciting and amusing narrative, the author takes us into the world of chemistry, quantum physics and biology. Touching on astronomy and philosophy, we witness a rewarding journey of discovery. In the process, he develops a completely new view on chance, coincidence and randomness based on the laws of nature. Here, the omnipresent non-equilibrium plays an extremely decisive role, because it generates the complex structures in our world. Finally, on this basis, he presents an equally simple and captivating hypothesis about the nature of time.
This nonfiction book provides deep insight into the fascination of research, the painful search for fundamental understanding, and the struggle for scientific knowledge.


The Author

Dr. Bernhard Wessling is a chemist and entrepreneur. His main occupation has been chemical product and process development, including basic innovations. In addition, he conducted basic research in colloid chemistry and physics as well as non-equilibrium thermodynamics. As a sideline, he is one of two managing partners of a large organic farm. For decades, he has been actively involved in environmental, nature and species protection on a voluntary basis and has conducted behavioral research on wild cranes for many years.

(November 2023) Short Blog contribution published in „Research Features Blog„:
new hypothesis about the nature of time

Research Features invited me to contribute a blog about my new hypothesis which is the last part of my book „What a Coincidence – On Unpredictability, Complexity and the Nature of Time„.

Bernhard Wessling