Bernhard Wessling

Biodynamic Farm: Kattendorfer hof

In early 2009, Dr. Wessling invested in a farm which produces all kinds of agricultural product following the highest standard of biological farming, „Demeter“. The farm is the „Kattendorfer Hof“. We are actually working with more than 70 people on about 450 ha (or 1,111 acres) farmland (which we rent in Kattendorf and in Neverstaven).

Since January 2017, Dr. Wessling is one of the 2 General managers.

We now are running in total 7 shops of our own, 1 at the farm in Kattendorf, 5 in Hamburg; 1 in Bad Oldesloe which is close to our 2nd farm location in Neverstaven.

Moreover, we have around 1,000 people as members in our „solidarische Landwirtschaft“ (community supported agriculture, CSA) groups.

Bernhard Wessling