Bernhard Wessling

"The call of the cranes" - call recordings

All calls and vocalizations are from wild and free-ranging cranes. I have recorded them all with utmost respect and extreme consideration, without disturbing the cranes even a little.
Copyright: These calls were recorded by me personally and are subject to copyright law. They may be linked and downloaded if I have personally given permission – request via bernhard[at]
Common Cranes 
These guard calls, usually consisting of 2 tones, are emitted by pairs of cranes: the higher tone, by the female, the lower one by the male
very quiet coordination: „let’s fly off“ (after that the two cranes fly off)
Flight calls (communication of two cranes during the flight), the pair of cranes came closer and closer and finally flew almost exactly over me
Other Species
unison call of a Red-Crowned Crane pair from China or Russia (recorded in the Demilitarized Zone at the boarder between South and North Korea)
flight calls of Sandhill Cranes (unedited original recording)
Whooping Cranes‘ contact calls (very quiet, recorded from a hiding place, micro 8 m from me, only 1 m from the cranes).
Whooping cranes drinking in waterhole, including very soft contact sounds, later flight coordination sound, takeoff (the wing beats can be heard), in-flight conversation, then ambient sounds and a duck ( uncropped, unedited recording).
Bernhard Wessling